Tuesday, February 17, 2009


For Scott's 40th birthday we had a weekend blast! The fun started on Friday morning, I made his long time favorite breakfast biscuits and gravy (which he has not had forever due to food allergies as well as not eating pork, kinda can't find it pork free in a restaurant, KWIM? And it was a big success! Dairy and piggy free!!) We moved onto a leisurely time of bumming around the house, and slowly getting ready for our day, of which he did not know what was planned! We headed out the door and drove down to the EMP; Experience Music Project in Seattle. It was a perfect birthday surprise for him! We had never been there before so it was a true new adventure for us. Everyone had their favorite parts, the kids and I liked the hands on instruments the best, I think Scott's may have been the incredible memorabilia collection. Now that I think of it, I believe Jordan's favorite part was probably the Sci-Fi museum. I did learn to play Louie, Louie on the guitar...anyone need a wedding or bar mitzvah done? We left EMP and headed over to Red Robin, by the time we left the sun was just beginning to set...it was a pretty view from our seat. Oh and as a bonus, we had a very interesting waiter. He was just a touch OCD (or maybe more than a touch) and I believe he may have thought Scott to be a bit of a cutie.  See, he still has "it" at forty! We made it home in pretty good time considering we were going with traffic during rush hour. That evening we came home, and had CAKE (of course we also watched the new Monk, duh)! I made my first real cake (with as much baking as I like to do you would have thought this would have happened so much sooner!) it was a delicious chocolate raspberry monster. HUGE. We barely made a dent in it that night..so on Saturday night we took it to his parents to have them help us with it! So Saturday he had more present opening, chinese dinner and more cake with family. He also got to drive the toy you see in the photos above, they all had a blast. You will not see me in those photos, I would not mind driving it you see, but it was COLD outside and I like to be warm. Nuff said. On Sunday my mom came over and we BBQ'd up some steaks and had a nice evening together. Overall I would say he had a memorable birthday and a very fun weekend. Happy Birthday Bub! I love you!

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