Thursday, February 05, 2009

For Shelly

Oh Shelly! This one's for you baby! You see that? Oh yeah, my phone at home and who is calling me?? Oh! I think that says Eddie Chumney! OH YEAH!

And for all of you wondering, our good friend Shelly says that Eddie is her "boyfriend" (only because she likes his teachings so darn much, she only loves him for his mind, it's disgusting!) And he has never called her house, but he did call mine! WOO HOO! Funny story, right after he called here I picked up the phone to call and rub it in, and as soon as I got out the words "guess who just called me" he called me back, so I hung up on her! Well, we could not keep Eddie waiting could we? Don't worry, I called right back and brought her up to speed. Oh, life can be so much fun some days!
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