Friday, March 07, 2008


Ok, I don't have a picture for you right now...but the kids received awards in a science fair today! WOO HOO! They did a project called "Mammal Roll Call" in it they made a chart of different mammals, unique features, habitat, homes, what they eat and drew pictures of each mammal...and I am sure there is more I just cannot think of it right now. So anyway, out of the twenty or so entrants, they won "most informative" (and they only had awards given out to five projects). It was great! I was so proud too, when the judges came by they asked the kids questions about their project and even proceeded to quiz them on their knowledge of the animals. Atira held her own pretty well, but Jordan has incredible recall! (and they each knew well for their perspective grade levels, Jordan studies the mammals much more in depth than Atira does at this point) It was GREAT! So, we it was very fun for them to receive awards for their hard work. And they have really enjoyed learning so much about mammals.

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