Friday, March 07, 2008

Moments in the Japanese Gardens

This was a wonderfully fun adventure! We went off to the Japanese Gardens in Seattle for a tour. It was wonderful! We had a tour guide who was just filled with information and she showed us many of the beautiful features at the gardens. These are located within the Seattle Arboretum which features approximately 200 acres of gardens and trees. It is so pretty there, you would hardly believe you are in Seattle! We saw koi swimming in the pond as well as ducks..which is pictured above. They have a beautiful waterfall which almost did not make it there because the Japanese architect who worked on this project could not find a rock that "sounded" right when the water ran off of it. We learned of a woman who used to come into the park and steal the koi to cook at home as well!! We found a beautiful variety of the Rhody family that has the softest leaves on the back. They feel like suede! It was incredible! The day held off the rain for us, which was a true blessing! We are planning to head back there again this spring to enjoy the beautiful colors that will come into bloom.

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