Monday, March 24, 2008

Colonial moments

Ever since Atira bought her American Girl Doll, Felicity, who lived during colonial days, she has been wanting a colonial style dress of her own. We bought a pattern about a month ago, purchased fabric last week and cut out the pieces. I let it sit over the weekend and tackled the dress last night. I was not sure of my abilities...I have sewn before, but usually things I made up the patterns for, simple things. To my pleasant surprise this was not that difficult! After a few fixable errors (I put the wrong sleeve on a shoulder, had the cuffs backwards as well) I had a great start! So, the bodice was finished last night and Atira was very excited to see that much done this morning when she got up! We got through our homeschool day and I would take little moments while they were busy to add a few things here and there and when our day was done I added the zipper (which was not as hard as I thought it would be, thanks to my good friend Chloe who taught me how THANKS CHLOE!). Then it was time to take the kids outside for some playtime and I sat out there and finished up the final hem by hand. The only thing left is a very small detail, adding bows to the sleeves just above the ruffled cuffs. But this is pretty much the finished product! I am very happy with it and Atira is thrilled! (Which makes me all the happier.) Atira has planned a tea party for herself and a few of her friends and this will be what she hosts her guests in. It should make for a very fun afternoon!
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