Thursday, December 20, 2007

a moment from a childs perspective....

Kids see the world in an entirely different way than we do. Atira took pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner...and these are the results. I love how she captured the true essence of each of us! Nice job girly!!

Sorry grandpa, somehow we lost Grandmas picture!! Nice smile though!! We love you guys!
Audra, captured in a fine pose!
Roy looks always!

Hi Grandma Joan!

Is Grandpa Curt hiding m & m's in his cheeks?

Well there's a shot of my grandma! And Jeff & his new goyl....she is so sweet!

The photographer had mercy in this next picture...had the person who took this shot knew what their picture looked like they may not have been so kind! (What a true beauty though, huh?)

Grandma cute....

Oh boy, is this how she views her brother??

I just happened to get luckier than most...
Daddy looks a little pinchy, huh?

So, we had plenty of turkeys at Thanksgiving, it was a wonderful time and wonderful memories were made....hope yours was a blessing to you as well!

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sheila said...

I loved the pictures Atira took of everyone.... it's almost miraculous that yours and hers turned out so amazingly good while everybody elses was a little on the torturous side... simply amazing.... Would love to see more pics both Atira and Jordan take at these events. (If I start saving now I may have enough bribes, oops, I mean love money to ensure a good pic of me next year too - maybe for a nominal fee I could insure that possibility for other family members as well :))