Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Star Wars Moments....& other funny stuff....

This was SO COOL! The family had to make a run into Aberdeen as we needed some things that just could not be found in the little town of Ocean Shores. We made a wrong turn and found this wonderful store! It is a complete Star Wars store! We could not believe we were so excited we accidentally took a wrong turn (again) down a one way street! It was very thrilling and we were far too sidetracked to pay attention to little things like street signs.

In the bathroom there were two posters about smoking...and they just had me cracking up. I hope you can read these images. Isn't it amazing what people used to think about smoking and in such a short span of time the entire world feels so very different about it? Something funny that also happened on our trip that relates to smoking, we were at our friends house visiting and I saw a glass ashtray sitting on a table. It was clean and unused, I picked it up and showed it to my kids and asked them if they knew what it was or what it is used for. They sat looking at it completely puzzled, it was incredible, they had no idea it was an ashtray. So funny, it made me giggle while I watched them eyeing this foreign object. Ok, so here is one more shot from that bathroom, and boy did I feel like a dork taking pictures of things inside of a bathroom, but I had to get these on film!

This one says "Before you scold me mom, you better light up a Marlboro"! HA, can you believe it?

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