Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gunner has his own moment....

We decided Gunner is now old enough and responsible enough to have his own pet, so we bought him a kitty! Please welcome Shaggy to our family....actually we decided we missed the dynamics we had when we still had Sheba and Critter. We loved that they were pals with one another and spent so much time together, playing, sleeping, fighting etc. We are hoping to recreate some of that with these two. Things, however, started off a bit rocky. The cat hissed and growled at Gunner in their first meeting. After a quick swipe with his claws, catching Gunners face in the swipe, Gunner miraculously transformed from a lab to a boxer. He would bob and weave, pulling his head back quickly each time he got near enough to sniff the cat. It was wonderfully hilarious! They have now fully adjusted to one another, although Gunner still has obvious feelings of rejection. He has become more needy than he usually is and has managed to get himself into some trouble. The two do enjoy times of rough housing, although Gunner gets a little rough still. Something we are working on with him. And occasionally we will find them curled up together, snoozing. Those moments are very precious and we hope to see more of those soon. I think in time, we will have them happily living together, without too much jealousy. (Mostly on Gunners side, the cat really does not care what anyone thinks.)

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