Thursday, December 20, 2007

a CAPITAL moment!

This was a wonderfully fun day! The whole family had the opportunity to visit the state capital! We had a tour of both the capital building as well as the supreme court. We had the camera balancing on a garbage can to get this shot...but you can hardly tell!

Here is a picture of Jordan in front of the state seal...and the following shot is of his sister..same bat place, different bat time....

Ok, this was so incredible I just had to include it in the blog...this is the chandelier that hangs in the center of the dome, it is so big that you could park a (Russ, you should appreciate this one) Volkswagon Beetle inside it! Near the top are angels, they are about 5 feet tall!

Here they are in front of the offices of the Chief Justices...marble is everywhere in this building! If you fall, it would really hurt, duh.

Ok, this shot is hard to see, but it was rather dark in here, this is the kids playing court IN the supreme court! They all had a part in a mock trial and the amazing thing was, it was a real court case and they voted exactly the same as the justices did in the same trial!

This is just outside of the law library at the back of the supreme court, it is really beautiful out here.

This year we decided to do something different with our homeschool. For the pas several years the kids have participated in a program at another homeschool center, we change for one where we have the opportunity to attend field trips every Friday, and so far it has been wonderful. This was an amazing opportunity to learn so much about our state capital, as well as a really fun family adventure. I hope to have another one of our Friday adventures posted on here soon for you to enjoy too!

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