Wednesday, January 03, 2007

ok, really, this is it...

Ok, since blogger was being disagreeable I had to break up my post into three, which really doesn't work very well because you read what I intended to be last first. Stink. Ok, here is the upside, the last post (this one) is sure to be the funniest of all, at least in my humble opinion (either way it cracks me up). So you decide, start here, enjoy a laugh and then go down and read the rest. Or, scroll down to the bowl of cornflakes and read up.

I should probably put in a some kind of warning or rating for the following picture...but I will let you adults decide what is appropriate for you to see and what is not. Now to give you some background, Scott and Josh also played the Wii tennis game. Needless to say they are lacking in skills, and that is not just my opinion, you can see if for yourself on the game system, it ranks your skills right on there and it kept telling them they had no skills. So anyway, here is a shot of them after playing for a couple of minutes, I think it was just a bit too much activity for them. And someone should tell them to not fear the's only a video game.

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