Monday, January 29, 2007

A different look...

Well, I went to have my haircut today at a new salon with a new stylist. She was recommended to me by my good neighbor Amy. Naomi (the stylist) was great! She is so friendly, listens and understands what I want and is very energetic. She asked if she could straighten my hair for me, so I said sure, why not! And this is the result. I could not help but laugh out loud at myself, I kept looking in that mirror in the salon and I could see my own mouth move, but it was not me in the reflection. Just crazy and super fun. It was a fun day to be doing something a bit different. Thought you all might enjoy this one as well.


Big Daddy In B'town said...

A good look. New and different.
Thanks for getting the blog up to date. I missed it.

B'daddy in B'field

Mom2the5rs said...

Love this look, girl. You look like a college student!

Your eyebrows have the best eyes, too. Maybe the hair brings em out.


Mrs. Opper said...

You look fabulous, dahhling! The new 'do really suits your features and brings out your eyes. Love it!

Take care!

Chickadeeva said...

It is so pretty!

I had a haircut today too and I had to go home, wet it and start over again to check if I liked it :-)

You sound like you have a great person! (listening is a key feature!)