Wednesday, January 03, 2007

now then, where did I leave off??

Wow! What a winter (and even fall) it has been around here! First we had rain, so much rain! We had flooding everywhere making it difficult to even get out of our little neck of the woods! Next came snow, lots of snow! It was so beautiful and the kids could not have been happier! They hit the hills straight away! It is nice to have a driveway that is a hill in the snow, we don't have to travel anywhere for a good sledding spot. After that came the wind, boy what a screamer of a windstorm that was! Thanksfully we only lost power from about 10:30 at night until around 5AM. Not bad for us. But not so for many other people, my grandparents were out for 4 days and some even longer than that. Incredible winter, and we are not even half way through it yet!

And now, Hanukkah! It was our fourth year celebrating and the most fun yet. The kids had a wonderful time and so did mom and dad. We enjoyed the company of family and friends over several different nights as well as one cold, but very clear night spent at a Seattle mall watching a 15 foot menorah being lit up with music and lots of people all around. That was a fun time, not to mention we ran into some friends of ours and it was a true joy to get to see them again. We have lots of fond memories of this year and look forward to it again next year.

And finally, something a little more serious. To the untrained eye, this might look like Serena and Venus Williams, but if you had seen my friend Kyla and I playing their new Wii tennis game on New Years Eve, you would be able to quickly discern that this is really us, rockin' the tennis court! OW! Oh yeah, about 4 hours later we were total pros and even contemplating how we could use our considerable skills to shark people. Ya know, let them think we stink, then go in for the kill. It's gonna be great. I am gonna have to start buffin' up too, my right arm was killing me the next day. But hey, that is the price you pay when you play at the level we are at. Kyla, glad we decided to team up and not kill each other, this will be way more fun and just think of all the fun stuff we will have to talk about!

Ok....I have one more thing to show you, but will have already read it by the time you get here...but wasn't it funny?

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Mom2the5rs said...

We are still waiting to find a wii so we can actually purchase one.

Oh, you are the chick on the left...corect?