Sunday, September 14, 2008

A moment at the beach

What an incredibly fun and beautiful adventure we went on this past Friday! Our homeschool group had their first field trip and we went to Meadowdale Beach to hike the trail. It was a beautiful hike a little over 1 mile down to the beach. This route was closed off for 8 months due to the severe storms we had here last winter. I am so glad that it has been reopened! The trail follows a river downstream until it comes to a little tunnel that goes under the train tracks and opens up to the beach! Just as we arrived at the beach a train came right over head, so close to us it made you hold your breath for a moment. We had a park ranger with us for the hike so as we traveled he showed us different species of trees and plants. At the beach he had a small swimming pool filled with wonderful things to see as well, we saw a huge starfish, an eel, crab and a hermit crab. We then spent the afternoon eating lunch and then wondering the beach playing in the water and finding wonderful shells and rocks along the shore. I am so glad our program has started up again. We had a wonderful summer filled with lots of fun, but I love the opportunity to visit such fun places I never knew existed right in my own backyard!
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barretts6 said...

That looks like a great place, will have to put it on our places to go list.