Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just got back from conference, again!

We just had a wonderful time in Portalnd, AGAIN! We went to our second conference of the year and this one was also a wonderful blessing to our whole family! My kids were in the childrens program. Jordan is now old enough to be a helper so that was his role and Atira had a wonderful reunion with lots of her friends she has made from past conferences. I came in to teach and help during one session along with Scott and we had a blast! Behind the curtain you see in the second picture is a HUGE and I mean HUGE maze that was built out of refrigerator boxes. It was absolutely incredible! On the last night of the conference the kitchen staff at the hotel asked if they could go and play in our maze!! When Scott saw it he handed me his glasses and said he had to go play now and off he went! It was so big you had to go in with a flashlight because it was pitch black inside and during the childrens program, the kids had maps and clues they had to find inside, it was definitely the highlight of the event! Scott and I had a wonderful time listening to speakers, learning so much about God and His Word and so much wonderful time in fellowship with old friends as well as many new! What a wonderfule weekend, it went by way to fast!
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