Tuesday, September 16, 2008

homeschooling days have begun again!

Well, we are now into our second week of official back to homeschool! We did some schooling througout the summer, but mostly we spent time outdoors just having fun. As we start off our studies this year we are learning about Lewis and Clark and their expedition. Since we do use a unit study that would branch our area of study to rivers and streams for science, France because of the Louisiana purchase (bought from France when Napoleon needed money to go to war) and we are reading historical fiction books about Sacagewea. All very fun and interesting, especially since their expedition ended right here in our neck of the woods! So, this leads me to my pictures today! Did you know that in the part of France where the Seine River enterst he English Channel the hills along the river are made of chalk? You can find chalk caves in this area, so yesterday the kids wrote out their spelling words in chalk outside. The dogs thought it was great fun to lay on them as they worked, making things fun but not quite as easy. And of course our spelling words tie in as well, they are common words we us that are really french words such as camouflage and carousel and crouton, you get the idea. I just love our unit studies, I am so much smarter every day! And the kids seem to doing pretty good too!
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barretts6 said...

I love how one thing leads to another, and everything builds on each other. There is always something to learn, for everyone!

When we went to Tennessee for my BIL's wedding, we stoped in St.Charles, MO. and got to see the starting place of Lewis and Clark's trip-that was fun.