Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More sukkot moments

I am just loading some pictures here that I think you all would enjoy of our there is not much to say but a brief explanation under each pic, enjoy!
This is of the kids with A.J., and Hanna, they were teachers in the childrens class along with Jeff. They had a BLAST in there!!
Daddy and the kids in the water park at Ocean Shores, this was a really fun time, even though dad slipped and fell. The kids came to his rescue.

This was great! Jordan and his new buddy Justin figured out that if they sat on these jets of water that shoot up to the ceiling they could lean over and shoot each other with the water instead, I personally thought this was hilarious!

We had some very nice days to fly kites, Jordan has his kite flying a couple of times and Scott did too!

Gunner loved the sand and Atira loves Gunner! We all really enjoyed our time at the beach.

Well, here we are in the little Sukkah City. The wind was so strong that several of the sukkahs flew away, so these creative people attached three together and they stood through the entire festival! This was truly a blessed time for all of us!

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