Sunday, June 17, 2007

A moment away.

Happy Anniversary! Scott and I are celebrating our 18th anniversay on Monday! We decided to get away to La Conner for the weekend. It was a wonderful time. (Doesn't Scott look happy?!) LOL! He was waiting for the timer to go off on the camera, and I don't look as good in the second picture, so I decided to put this one up to share! HA! So, we stayed at the historic Hotel Planter, it had all the charm of an old home. Although we found out we are very spoiled by the quiet we enjoy in our home, we had a horrible time sleeping with all the noise in the hall and outside. They have original windows, single pane, blocks absolutely no noise. But the place was wonderful anyway. We loved visiting the Gaches Mansion, it is a beautiful place and just filled with beautiful quilts on display.
This is the original fireplace that the gaches had brought over from Europe and the photos above are of the family that built the 4200 sq ft mansion. The woodwork was incredible, doors, moldings, everything was such a joy to experience. The lady there was so surprised to find someone more interested in the mansion than the quilts that she really took some time to chat with us and tell us about the fire and restoration that had taken place at the mansion. She also told us that if we walked a particular path back to the main street we might get to see the family of wild turkeys living in La Conner, so we followed her directions and:

WE FOUND THE TURKEYS!! It was great fun, Scott was going to try to pet one, but he walked away and joined the others in someones front yard. In total we had the opportunity to see six of them! I forgot to tell you all about how we were so blessed while there, on the first night we had visited an art store, and in it was an artist showing how she creates her painting and giving folks an opportunity to try it. Her medium is painting on silk. As we watched she explained that they would be having a drawing for the silk scarf that everyone was working on and for a piece of her original art, but you had to be present to win, the drawing would be later that evening. We decided to come back later to see if would win and WE DID! The artists name is Karen Sistek, click on her name and it will take you to her sight. Go about 3/4 of the way down the page and look for the white poppy painting called "Kay" and that is what we won! It is beautiful! When we find a place to hang it, I will post it for you all to see. The whole weekend was very fun. The kids had a great time with their Grandma Sheila although we missed them much and they missed us too. But it was a nice time for everyone.


Mom2the5rs said...

Congratulations! I love you guys!


Mrs. Opper said...

Woohoo! 18! That is truly something to celebrate. Congratulations to you both, and may this new year be marked with tremendous blessings.