Sunday, June 17, 2007

Can you see the birdies????

What an amazing find! Under our very own front porch we had a robin build her nest and in it we found four blue little eggs. We watched these eggs regularly and last week while sitting in our playroom Jordan heard peeping sounds, quite loud. He jumped up, ran out to the porch and sure enough, we had baby robins! Jordans first reaction was that they were "hideous!" Atira thinks the babies are so cute. But bald little birdies, with a couple of feathers sticking out here and there is not the same as the cute little image of a yellow little puff ball of a baby bird. We tried to get some pictures to share with everyone, but they are hard to see. We had to use a mirror as that is the only way you all could see into the nest. For those of us here, we crouch down on the floor of our deck and peek through the slats of wood. This has made our spring so very memorable!

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Mom2the5rs said...

I have seen these birds first is nothing short of a miracle view into God's creation. I feel blessed to have seen the eggs and now the babies!

Thanks Tina!!