Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yellow to Blue

Well....Jordan is certainly growing up. So much faster than I could have imagined! He has now moved up to the adults class and to help make it affordable for us he volunteers in the children's class twice a week for a discount. What an amazing young man he is! With this move up also comes a promotion in rank. His second adults class consisted of an hour and a half of sparring....switching partners every 10 minutes, so they were fresh while he was busy getting whipped! It was GREAT! He had a wonderful evening, met lots of good guys and earned his blue belt. The best part is, when he returned to the children's class a couple of days later, his teachers in there had missed his belt ceremony and decided he would need a pummeling from them too if he were to officially move up! So, he spent that class getting whooped too! FABULOUS! Love this place! Congratulations Jordan!
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