Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gramma moments

Isn't she so cute?! Grandma Shirley Anderson, what a hoot...silly, funny and sweet.

Gramma's nurse today, she gave him a nickname.."Hubba Hubba"!
Gramma would spend time just looking at Grampa, smiling, so sweet!
Gramma still spending her time looking at Grampa...Mom on Grammas other side visiting her today.

Well, what a couple of days this has been. Several months ago, or maybe even a year or more now, my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimers. She has been progressing over time more or less as expected (what can you expect with a disease like this?), but a couple of days ago things took a dramatic turn. Due to dehydration, and an infection gramma experienced a dramatic change in her health. She was taken to the hospital and is there currently. Today was a wonderful day, filled with laughter and joy. What a blessing! Although gramma doesn't really remember me, she sure remembers grampa! "My husband" is what she says, where is my husband? So sweet! Grampa and mom had to leave the room for a while so I stayed in to visit with her, we chatted a bit then I thought it would be fun to get some pictures of her and I together. I asked her if I could take our picture and she was delighted! After I took it, I showed it to her and it had her in stitches! She could not stop laughing when she would see the pictures of us together! Gramma had a new nurse, I would like to share with you his real name, but gramma just called him "hubba hubba", what a hoot. Everytime she would see him walk by her area she would start saying hubba hubba. We even took to calling him hubba for short! Today gramma also enjoyed some of her breakfast, she drank some chocolate milk and loved looking at pictures of the beach in a magazine. Mom, Sheryl, Grampa (of course) and myself had a wonderful morning/afternoon with gramma. What a blessing today was!

I am learning that with dementia type diseases, you really have to live in the moment. One moment things could look pretty bad, and the very next those memories could be fading away through the laughter.....and I suppose the next moment could include tears of sadness as well.....I do know this, the Lord has her safely in His hand and there is no greater place she could be.

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