Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yes, I know I spelled pony incorrectly...for those of you who remember, Atira used to call "My Little Ponies" - "Ponties". And her hair had "ponty tails" in it...loved that...still do. So I say it when I can so I can relive it a bit. So today was all about the ponties. (OH and you pronounce it po as in the word so) We went on a fantabulous field trip today and Atira said it was just the best day ever. The kids were able to brush, pet, feed and visit with these lovely little ponies for about an hour. Then for another hour they took turns riding them. Well, except Jordan of course, he is a bit big for a ponty. However the owner gave him a bit of training and had Jordan leading the kids around on "Spike" the ponty. He was a bossy guy with plenty of attitude. He bit Jordan (gently enough) on the leg just to show him who was boss. Spike also snotted up his shirt pretty good as he kept nudging him and pushing him around. Very cute...and very funny. Atira had many turns riding around the arena and ran up to me regularly sharing with me how she is no longer wanting ice skating lessons but rather horse riding lessons, oh and while she was at it, she also mentioned she doesn't think she wants that swimming party anymore...can you guess what she would rather do? Oh how the desires of a 9 year old heart change so quickly! Scott ran out of work a bit early today so we were blessed to have him join us for the last half of our day there. It was fun and very memorable.

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