Saturday, April 03, 2010

A little update

 OH YUM! So, it is the week of unleavened get it? No leaven. Scott was havin' a hankerin' for this is what I came up with! HAD TO SHARE! Onion egg matzah, sprinkled with gouda for the boys and cheddar for me, tossed under the broiler until it melted. Topped that baby with a hamburger patty from the grill, a few slices of facon (ya know, veggie bacon?) and a slather of chili. It was quite delightful!  We were not missing our leaven today!
 Arms, legs, giggling....I cannot tell where one person ends and the other  begins! The two of them together make quite the force against there dad these days! WATCH OUT!!

 So, we wanted to redo the main a homeschool project we decided to give them a budget and allow them, with guidance to redecorate the bathroom. The parameters consisted of keeping with the feel of our home. Nothing wild and crazy and unexpected. They had to keep in mind this is not just their bathroom but the guest bath as well. Be budget conscience. They had to purchase paint, shower curtain, towels, new rug, garbage can, soap dispenser and a few accessories. Scott and I added new towel bars, backsplash and light fixture..that way WE could pick the pieces that won't be changed again for a very long time!  The day in this photo we were peeling wallpaper and washing the walls. We have the walls nearly all painted, the towel bars are up and so is the shower curtain. Just a few accessories to buy and it will be ready to go! (Oh and the light fixture....that has become quite the hunt....) I will post more pics when the room is complete!

 The kids are taking Jiu Jitsu and really enjoying themselves. On this particular day they were learning how to throw each other, something very important that all siblings should learn. The grin is what gets me. Jordan smiles nearly the whole time he is either throwing or being thrown, while he wrestles, when he taps someone out or if he is being tapped...glad he is such a happy kid! :)

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