Friday, October 09, 2009

Happy Camper moments

WE DID IT! We finally camped! And WE SURVIVED!!! (Or, I survived) Actually, I really enjoyed myself. We had a wonderful first night, we went on a long hike down and around the beach. It was an incredibly mild weather day, we actually got too warm! There was very little breeze, which did not help us with the kites we brought. We enjoyed our night by the fire, we played games, talked and just had a wonderful time. We woke up in the morning to birds singing and shortly after we were up our good friends and former pastor Carl and his wife Hank came and shared a bagel breakfast with us. What a joy! I tried my hand at cooking over an open fire and I found I could do it! We enjoyed a wonderful chicken dinner with fresh biscuits baked over the coleman camp stove. Breakfast was bagels with our friends and then a bit later we cooked some eggs and potatoes over the fire, another success! We saw an incredible sunset and so many beautiful views. I cannot wait to get back there someday!

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