Friday, October 09, 2009

A day at the locks

This here picture is evidence that I do go on adventures with my family - do you see it? Do you see my hand waving there in the shadow on Atira's pants? See, I am not just the family photographer, I am an active card carrying member! Now I have proof. (Ok, when I took this picture, Scott had not yet taken the above picture of me with the family, I was planning on using this for real drama....drat him, he foiled my plans.)
This has been an incredible week! Scott took the week off because it is the festival of Sukkot. We have had many incredible adventures, camping, hiking, spending time in our sukkah, and on this day we went to the Ballard Locks. Beautiful! The kids really enjoyed seeing how this works...too bad the salmon were done for the day. We didn't see a single one! It was still a wonderful time together. We ended this day having dinner at PF Changs. The kids loved it, and we knew we already did.
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