Friday, November 21, 2008


Since last week our field trip was touring a newspaper plant, this week the kids made their own newspapers! This was a very fun project held at the homeschool center. They filled in their preprinted papers , some of the highlights include:
Jordans favorite food - he couldn't decide, he likes it all
Favorite book - Redwall series, he wrote a glowing review
Favorite movie - (betcha can't guess) Star Wars (duh)

Atira's highlights:
Favorite food - French Fries
What she wants to be when she grows up - A Vetrinarian
Favorite movie - American Girls Samantha

These papers are something I will keep forever! They are really neat and a wonderful "snapshot" of who they are in their lives right now. I should do one of these each year! Great idea, chances are it won't get done though. Oh well. I am thankful I have them for this year!
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barretts6 said...

Great Job! I love those field trips!