Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The last of the recent photos...

This was hilarious! We have a plastic change jar and as it turns out Shaggy LOVES it! So, he will climb in there and just "be", well, Gunner thinks this is fabulous, canned kitty! He will stick his snout in the open end but cannot even come near the cat. The cat just lays there happily making the dog crazy. We, of course, are just laughing and enjying the show!
Awwww....look how nice they look when they all get dressed up! We had a "cocktail attire" even to attend (our first as a family) and so here we are all dressed up! Jordan wore a "real" tie (by that I mean, it did not zip or clip or anything else but tie). Atira got new lacy tights and a sparkly evening bag and Scott was redone head to toe! (Except his Jerry Garcia tie...)As for me, I also got a new skirt and lovely velvet blazer. We had the best time that night. We danced, the whole family for about 2 hours! The music was great, the kids had a blow up guitar they played, and we just boogied the night away! It was a very precious memory. They had a photographer there as well, I will try to scan in our picture we had taken there and post that too, it was very fun!

Ok, what happens when you leave an innocent kitty alone with an innocent 7 year old girl? You get one unhappy cat and one family who can't help but scream with laughter. Isn't (s)he pretty?
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