Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rainy moments

I love going for walks. I also love hiking. During the week we are either too busy or too tired for a hike, but walks we can squeeze in here and there. I really enjoy the times when Scott and I get out together for a bit. Just a little time together, it's sweet. This particular day we headed out for a neighborhood walk, gray skies, clouds, but dry. You just never know what your gonna get. About five minutes in it began to sprinkle. Not too bad. We made it a few more minutes away and the heavens opened up and water gushed forth. It dumped on us!! We huddled under a tree and debated, do we keep going or head home? We decided to keep going. We were soaked through by the time we made it home. It definitely made for a good memory. ❤️

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