Thursday, February 06, 2014


It's been far too long again. I love keeping up this little blog, not just to update family but because it keeps a wonderful sort of virtual scrapbook of our lives. Facebook has a way of doing that as well, but I prefer keeping our memories here. I love going back over time and see where we've been. 
Most recently, Jordan's in college. He is involved in the running start program, praise God, he is getting his first two years of college paid for outside of books and some fees. What an incredible blessing. The above photo is how we often find Jordan, laptop, books, earbuds plugged in. He studies in the living room with us. We tried having him studying in his bedroom but that really didn't work for us. It felt like we were never together. Nobody liked that. So, this was our solution. Shaggy was watching a video of birds flying on Jordan's iPad, it was great fun and entertainment. 

Atira has been enjoying a lot more time spent studying and pursuing new interests of her own. Above she is spending an afternoon ice skating, it was a fun day out with friends. She has also been in gymnastics for the last few months. She loves it! She's very good at it too, practices regularly at home and has made great improvements in a short amount of time. 

As for Scott and I, we have had our own adventures. Scott has recently joined a gym and is working out regularly. We celebrated his birthday today too! He is working regularly as well. I have been schooling Atira, chauffeuring the kids to classes (Jordan jiujitsu, judo and college; Atira gymnastics, piano lessons and social engagements), I'm leading a meeting for codependants, I still lead a on e a month dance worship and we open our home twice a month to our home fellowship. We are busy, happy and doing well. God is at the center of our home and he has blessed us greatly. 

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