Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ice Caves

Magnificent! Beautiful! Awe inspiring! Amazing! Gorgeous! Breathtaking! There are just not enough adjectives to describe the beauty of God's creation!We had the opportunity to join in on a hike up to the Big Four Ice Caves a few weeks back with a group of homeschoolers. It was just incredible. Apparently my mom tells me I had been up there once before, but I had no memory of that trip...but I highly doubt I will ever forget this one! What a lovely, easy hike with an incredible blessing when you reach the caves. Seeing the snow and ice forming these caves, feeling the temperature drop when you get near, incredible puffs of evaporation coming out of the mouth of one of the caves as the cold and warm air mingle. I am really looking forward to attending this one again. Atira, of course was in her element, being in creation is something she LOVES and looks forward to all the time. Sadly, Scott could not make it, this was a day hike and he was at work and Jordan had allergy issues he was dealing with so we felt it best he not make it worse. But one of these days when he is doing better, we are definitely going back!

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