Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We LOVE spending time at the farm! This is our second year helping out with the Bridge church and their harvest for the hungry program. Because of our crazy schedule having daddy home this summer, we did not get as much time out there as we would have liked, but we are doing our best to be there to help bring in the harvest. We have been harvesting green beans, which we have learned make our arms and hands itchy, so we must wear gloves, we have also brought in quite a bit of squash and zuchinni. Sadly, the broccoli and cauliflower didn't do as well and we were late for the potatoes and other yummy things. The Farm donates use of this land to the church, they help plow and seed it and volunteers come and week and harvest (as well as plant). The food goes to the Everett Gospel Mission, the Snohomish Food Bank as well as a few other locations. We are also blessed to glean while we are harvesting, YUM! We have enjoyed some wonderful veggies and are so appreciative!
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