Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthday Moments

Oh what a day! Atira has just turned 11....I cannot believe it. Our kids are growing so incredibly fast. I remember people telling me how fast it went....but you just cannot believe it until you live it.

What an adventure this year was picking what to do for her birthday. What a sweet, indecisive child she is! :) Finally we hit on bowling...and she wanted to think about it. Thankfully we found a a bowling alley that offered glow bowling and she loved the idea, so I booked it almost before she agreed to it! WHEW! Check that decision off the list!

It was a FABULOUS time! I want to go back! The birthday girl had a blast and I think her friends did too. The alley was so wonderful as well! They are very family friendly, the music was appropriate, the staff was incredible as well, so helpful and accommodating. The kids had pop and cheese pizza and Atiras choice of birthday cakes? Red velvet!! Can you believe it? Can I just say, Costco makes an amazing red velvet cake! It was incredibly delicious.....ummm...cake.....

**let's focus!**

So, let's back up a bit...the morning started with her grandma Sheila coming over for breakfast. Birthday girls choice was waffles made by daddy smothered in fresh strawberries and whip cream from a can. It must be from a can. That's the only way you can spray it directly into your mouth and get that cool sound. And the fun of having a mouth full of whip cream. :)

Then the birthday girl spent some time out in the beautiful sunshine with her dad playing ping pong and then throwing the baseball around for a while.

This was a very special birthday, it was a great day filled with family, friends and wonderful memories. We are blessed.

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