Monday, May 30, 2011

Moments in the spotlight

This last school year Atira decided she really wanted to try an instrument. Scott and I thought this was a great idea since she is so very musical. It was a great decision. My friend Chloe is a Kindermusic teacher and she decided to put together a class for older students (she usually teaches preschool and lower elementary grades) that would focus on learning about classical music, composers and learning to read sheet music while playing the recorder. These were all things that interested Atira very much! What a blessing! Atira attended this class once a week for the entire school year and loved it. She has learned so much and astounds us regularly with her ability to recognize composers and their music when watching television, a movie or just our and about when she hears the music. She also mastered the recorder beautifully! The culmination of this class was a little recital today. What a precious time! Each of the four children chose a piece from their repertoire to play as a solo, Atira's choice was Amazing Grace.

The event started with a fun silly song and one of the students then introduced us to one of the composers studied, then we would have the joy of listening to a solo, Atira was up last. Finally we got to her piece and she played beautifully! It was such a sweet, proud moment for her family! We have learned just how much she loves music and has a passion for it, something we look forward to encouraging in her in the future. Our hope is to move her to piano lessons.

I hope in a few days to be able to perhaps put some of her performance up on my blog....but that is only if I can figure out how to get it from the camcorder and into this computer!

We are so proud of our little musician! She amazes us with her God given talents everyday!

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