Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hiking Moments

We have been very busy lately. Over the last few months we have gone through a job change, I started working part time on Sundays cleaning an doctors office with my son and friend, we helped to bring the second regional conference for the MIA to our area, Passover came (which means a full spring clean of the house) and then we ended all of this with helping to host a Passover seder at a local church. Jeepers....I'm exhausted thinking about it! Between all of that, we of course had our weekly fellowship gatherings, which are lovely, but a break is nice too. Last Saturday we chose to take advantage of the beautiful weather (finally!) and head out as a family to enjoy some time in God's amazing creation. We hiked for nearly 3 hours, spent some time on a lookout taking in the mountains and valleys. Absolutely gorgeous. We ended our evening with the 1940's party, it was such a wonderful family day and very much needed by all of us. I am so thankful for days to just enjoy our family, I feel truly blessed.

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