Friday, January 07, 2011

Dancing Moments

WHAT AN EVENING! This was a most memorable and fun evening and I am ready to repeat it any night of the week! Atira is apart of a most amazing American Girl Club run by a very sweet friend of mine. They are studying Felicity right now and apart of Felicity's life is learning to dance, which of course led to the club having ballroom dancing lessons. I am so thankful this became a family event. We had a wonderful two hour class where we learned Waltz and Swing as well as a circle dance.

It was an absolutely precious time to watch the Fathers and Daughters learning and working together, but you know I had to get a few turns in there myself! Our teacher, Michael, was top notch, he made everyone feel quite comfortable and did a great job in sharing both his passion and talents.

I am so blessed, in our homeschool adventure we have the best adventures and this is definitely one of them. I am thankful as well for such wonderful people in my life that make these adventures possible.

Keep watch, this Sunday we have a tea etiquette more pictures and family updates coming!

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