Monday, March 08, 2010

 As a homeschool family we frequently find ourselves in need of frugal inspiration! When you live on one income, stretching a budget can be a challenge, but it can also be fun when you have great resources to glean from. I really enjoyed the variety of money saving ideas I found in Molly's Money Saving Digest. The articles were enjoyable to read, I felt like the author was speaking to me as a friend rather than writing an article for a publication. I am inspired to try out her recipes for pie crusts (which I have never really attempted before even though I love to bake) and perhaps I will bake a pie for my family in the very near future....I'm thinking apple, my hubbies favorite.

There were articles as well on money management for not only the adults, but one that specifically interested me would be great for my teenage son. He is at a point in life where he should be learning about checking accounts, and the article gave step by step instructions on how to open one as well as offering information on registering checks. The lessons will continue in the next issue of the ezine.

Menu planning. Ugh. Something I am not a huge fan of, but I know when I do it, it saves me not only money but time. I really enjoyed that a weeks worth of menus were included as well as a complete shopping list! This is a real time saver not to mention, new recipes are a great way to break up a monotonous menu in my home!

Another wonderful bonus of Molly's Money Saving Digest were the printable pages for everything from money management to home organization. Personally, I do keep a journal filled with forms, calendars, homeschool planning etc. I love to find wonderful forms such as these to help streamline my life and my home. And to be honest, it just makes some of these chores just a little more fun.

 So, I found Molly's Money Saving Digest to be a great value for just $4.95, it can be found at, where you will find additional articles, ezines and great ideas for "busting free from this economy!" I would say this little ezine has something for everyone!

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