Sunday, June 07, 2009

Atira's 9th Birthday Party

This girl can be so indecisive! She wanted a polka dot party...ok, but what games do we play at a polka dot party? Then a stripe and polka dot party, OK! Again, what games?? Then we hit the jackpot, polka dot, stripe, Webkinz party! JACKPOT! This was easy and FUN! Webkinz (to catch you all up) is an online game, you purchase a stuffed animal, and it comes with a code, you then log into Webkinz website, enter the code and adopt your pet. You can customize a house for them, play games, earn "kinzcash" etc etc. So what did we do? What else but bring it to life!! I think she had a really wonderful time, and her friends too. It was certainly memorable. We made pizzas in "Chef Gazpachos Kitchen", did work at the employment office, shopped at the W Shop, took care of our pets at the Kinzcare center. I am also incredibly proud of our wonderful gracious daughter. After she opened all her gifts, she went to each girl, thanked them and hugged them, I was so touched and so proud of her. What a wonderful young lady she is and a blessing to her parents! So, here are the pictures, enjoy! and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATIRA!!!

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