Friday, May 08, 2009

This field trip really stunk

Here we are, happy little homeschool family, visiting the water treatment plant. Fun. Enlightening. Stinky. We saw the very interesting lab where they test the poopy water, checking it half way through the process of becoming clean water. It sits in a nice little jar with a layer of know, at the bottom of it. I can tell it's still not clean just by looking at it, however they must run very intricate tests, just to make sure. I am thinking sniff it! Cheap, quick, easy and just about anybody can do it! Ah well, I do not have a degree in this field, so what do I know? We then saw the conveyer belt that sits atop the buidling where the um, stuff gets further processed. What is the conveyer belt for? All the muck that did not dissolve in the water as it traveled there. So yeah, there are ALL KINDS of things that are on that belt. I felt this would be a good place to install a barf bag dispenser for those of us that are just taking the tour. We are not accustomed to looking at all those things that could still be identified (once they have left our toilet)  not to mention the additional stench that came from that particular area. I also learned another valuable lesson. Hair does not dissolve when you flush it down the toilet and the guys that work there do not appreciate you putting it down there. It must all be collected and removed before the water can finish it's journey. Thankfully today, they have a big machine that catches these hair balls, creating much bigger hair balls which we also had the awesome privelege of viewing. It certainly takes a special person to do this job and I am so thankful they are there.

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