Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Brickcon 2008

This was a very fun adventure! We attended the Brickcon 2008. Lego enthusiasts from all over come to the Brickcon to show as well as enjoy other enthusiasts creations. Behind the kids in the below picture is a city creation with two trains that went around the city.

This picture is of Lego Disneyland. The fun things about this was that the guests were characters such as Spongebob, or a bunch of Star Wars characters, very well done!
This is a trojan horse lego creation.
And this is the TITANIC! It is HUGE!! This went from the entrance doors to the exit doors! Really incredible. This was a super fun day, we were glad to be able to go. And of course, since we were all the way in downtown, we had Dick's for lunch!! YUM!
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