Wednesday, June 18, 2008


On Atira's birthday she went to the beauty salon and had her nails and hair done, here is Felicity looking on while Atira is getting all beautified. After that she was whisked off to Sears for her 8 year old girly pictures!
With some of her birthday money she bought "Littlest Pet Shop" toys...well the cat loved the box, so she is acting like this was her new toy, this child loves to act it up huh?!
Jordan in his last day of swim lessons. He is doing great too, they practiced diving, swam tons of laps and racing as well as expanding his knowledge of swim strokes. He did great and he loves to swim.
Atira moved up quickly this year through her lessons as well. She is becoming a very strong swimmer and she also loves the water. Now, let's all hope and pray we have some nice weather this summer so they can go out and use our pool lots this year!
This is an orchid from a field trip we went on to an orchid farm. So pretty...amazing flowers and so many varieties!
The kids in one of the greenhouses at the orchid farm.
This was a super field trip, we went to a place where they teach outdoor training. How to build a fire in the rain, the teacher told stories and we played games that taught outdoor awareness. Great program both kids loved it and it was a gorgeous day! Jordan & Atira both worked on setting up fires and both of theirs were successful, the caught! good.

Girly in the process of building her fire. This was such a beautiful place right near Monroe, the day was gorgeous as well. This was certainly a memorable outing!

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