Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saltwater State Park

This was such a beautiful surprise to us! We had no idea about this little treasure situated in Des Moines Wash! It is a gorgeous park, you can camp at as well as walk along the beach enjoying beautiful views and sea creatures!
This particular day we had a field trip with our homeschool group there. The sheriffs department was out and diving into the water for us to bring up sea creatures for us to see! We saw sea cucumbers, different types of crabs, different types of star fish and we were able to pet them as well!
This is one of the sheriffs coming up out of the water with a bag of creatures.
Here is Atira up on the rock wall we climbed.
Jordan and a sneak peek of Atira looking into one of the pools set up for our specimens.
GIANT shells!
tiny crab!
It was a wonderfully fun adventurous day!! I think we all got a little pink on our cheeks and much needed sunshine to brighten our day! We wish you all could have been here for this one!

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