Thursday, February 28, 2008

We had a most wonderful weekend!! Grandma Barbara drove all the way up here from California and she stayed the weekend with us! We had a wonderful time and here is some evidence of it. Sorry the pics are so limited I was so busy having fun I forgot to take more! The above picture is a creation Atira and Grandma made together...I think it is a little hillbilly chic...Atira is quite the fine little seamstress!
Here they are after having fun giving each other makeovers! So cute!!
Ah, on another note, here is a little big of homeschool in action! We are studying about mammals in our science unit and so of course one of the required projects was to make "hare" ice cream desserts. I bet right off you looked at that picture and thought, wow, why did they make hares out of ice cream? I know the word bunny or rabbit never entered your thoughts, right? Well the difference is (in case you don't know) hares have much longer ears...and I also think shorter limbs...something like that? But these were sure yummy! Homeschool tastes so good!
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