Monday, July 23, 2007

Portland, OR Moments

WOW! What a fun weekend! Here is Atira with her two buddies from the conference we attended this weekend. Their names are Julianna and Ally. These girls had tons of fun playing together! Jordan made a good friend too, Josh, however I forgot to get a picture of these boys..oops. We had the awesome opportunity to hear some fabulous speakers, one of which was Brad Scott of Wildbranch Ministries He was fabulous, again! If you check out his website you will see that he is a linguist and has studied much about the origins of the words of the Bible and how to understand it from a Hebraic mindset perspective, instead of from the Greek mindset our world is dominated by. He opens your eyes to wonderful things in the scriptures and just sets my mind spinning! This was our second time to see him teach and we are hoping too see him many more times. He offered a fabulous class that Jordan loved called "area 51", he taught about science intertwining with the Scriptures and it was just mind boggling! We are looking forward to ordering some of his teachings for us at home. Another fabulous speaker was Rabbi Rob Miller of Agudat Bris congregation He has a wonderful style of combining humor with serious scriptural teaching and a very 'unapologetic with the truth' approach. He challenges you to think outside of your Greek box and start digging into the scripture and learning the truths the Spirit is revealing. Fabulous, entertaining and challenging. We thoroughly loved his teachings! And although we really enjoyed all the teachers there, our last couple of faves would be Reuven Prager of Beged Ivri, he is working on restoring the temple and lost instructions from the Torah to the people of God. He is funny and very educational and brings with him lots of fun hands on things to learn from. And finally Scott especially enjoyed Steven M. Collins He has written several books on the Lost Tribes of Israel and the history of the Israelite people, from the true history not the rewritten history the world would rather we know and believe. We hope to make a collection of his books as they would be wonderful for us as well as the kids with their homeschool studies. We had a wonderful hotel to stay in, complete with a pool which of course the kids used as often as possible.

It was a wonderful weekend (well, really 4 days) and we made lots of new friends and memories. We can't wait for the next one! So that is what we have been up to...I will continue to update soon!

Our love from all of us to all of you, our family.

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