Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ya think it's time for un update???

Sorry everyone...life has been pretty busy lately! So, here is an update....
Ok, here is the latest:
Atira and I had the opportunity to attend the play Junie B. Jones with our good friends the Barlow girls...we had a delightful time and enjoyed a dinner out with the families afterwards. Sorry, but I do not have a picture of this event to share with you.
In early April I was asked to dance on public access television with my little dance group....here we are...

Sorry the picture is blurry....but that is me in the back left wearing the black shawl. It was great fun, we aired live that night in Olympia. We taped two additional shows that night that will air later on. We will eventually have the shows aired at different stations throughout the area soon. It was a great experience and the kids got to see how tv shows are made. Now I tell them I am a superstar...they don't seem to agree. HUMPH!

Well, we have lived in our home for 5 years now and I am happy to say that the yard is just about complete! HA! Can you believe it? Only 5 years it took! Whew! So, in the middle of April, along with our neighbors, we brought in beauty bark and made the landscaping look very nice and neat. Then we decided to add more grass and less garden. We are not sure who we thought we were when we decided to have these big gardens, that were only full of weeds since we don't really have time to keep up gardens. So five years later we got a clue and opted for lawn instead. So, that led us to have hydroseed blown in (of course along with the neighbors, I am thinking we share a brain) and we are just now starting to see the first beautiful blades of grass. We are very excited! Here is a picture of the kids watching while our grass was installed.

And here is a shot of the guy blowing in the seed where grass should have been all along...

Isn't it purdy? We also added that maple to the front, it was by our front steps and now it is where it really belongs, out in front.

And last to tell about was last weekend we headed out for the U of W College of Engineering open house. This was our fourth year to attend and it was great fun as usual. This year we met up with some friends there and we all had a blast. Here are several pictures, the kids are running and having there speed recorded by a radar gun.

Here Jordan and Atira are building bridges with gum drops and popsicle sticks....they will test the strength of their bridge by setting a brick on it. How'd they do? Let's just say I ain't driving on anything they have belt yet!

Here the kids are filling the cups on their heads with water and transferring it to three different jugs, one for land, one for plants and one for drinking....

Now the kids with their friends are working on programming the Lego robot on the computer. They set what they want it to do and then watch it go! This was a lot of fun.

Here is Scott helping Emily in the race with water...the orange team won!

So there are our updates...sorry for being such a slacker! I am so glad our families enjoys these little updates on the computer. We love you all!

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Mom2the5rs said...

I really like the blurry pic. It shows the movement of the dance perfectly.