Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Swimming with Austin

This was a wonderfully fun weekend in Bend, OR. This picture is of Jordan and Atira with their good buddy Austin swimming in our hotel pool. It was such a great joy to get to see Austin again after meeting him a few months before. We had a wonderful weekend enjoying the pool, attending a conference and visiting with friends. It was a great time with family and a nice long drive together as well.

Summer is now over, it rained today, a lot. We are full into homeschool again and really enjoying it. Atira is officially 1st grade and Jordan is 6th. They are both doing very well and enjoying their studies. Jordan is taking outside classes in martial arts and metal working. Atira is taking a class on literature through art and a science/math class. We are looking forward to fun adventures with our homeschool group as well as with our friends through this fall.

I will work to update more frequently, sorry about the delay! Summer sure was fun, but it leaves little time for updating blog.
To our family reading this, we love you all!!

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