Thursday, July 13, 2006

Best Friends

It is great to have a best friend. Atira and Brianna are quite the little pair of girlfriends. They look forward to calling each other, seeing each other, eating together, trading clothes, swimming and just about anything else you can think of. One of the first things Atira does in the morning is to run to our window to look out and see "if the neighbors are home". And we always are greeted with warm welcomes, and goodbyes by our little neighbor friends! There is no sneaking around at the end of 15th Place SE, let me tell ya! Talk about a neighborhood watch, we got it covered between these kids!


Ah, and on to boy things. Sword fighting, in the rain. Does it get much manlier? The joy clinking swords brings to boys faces is incredible. And rain really added some kind of drama to the whole scene as well. Reuben is Jordan's good buddy. They have been friends for several years and really have a good time together. We are so grateful for our kids having such nice friends. Posted by Picasa

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