Sunday, May 14, 2006

Jordan & his buddy Reuben


Well, there is nothing like having a best friend. Jordan and Reuben are just that, best friends. These two get on the phone and start plotting how to get together. Then when they have a plan, they go into action, schmoozing the moms and then getting us to talk to one another. Playing on our emotions, they are excellent at what they do! So, here is a nice picture of these two boys, what are they doing you might ask? Well, they decided to stuff pillows into their clothes so they could ram into each other and look like goobers. Didn't they do a nice job? It was actually hilarious, especially when I said "hey, getting a little rough there" and Reuben looks at Jordan and says, "geez, yeah, you just hauled off and rammed into me, chill". Of course to which I replied, "oh you mean like you did when you first started playing this game?" All I heard from him was "giggle giggle". Hmmm. That's what I thought. Having Reuben over is a lot like having one less kid here, those two just dissapear into their own world and only come up for food. Ah yes, food the air of the growing pre teen boy. Although I do have to say my boy eats less when Reuben is here and perhaps that is why he eats so much when he is not. He is preparing his body like a bear prepares for hibernation. HA! Ok, well there is my blog update...sorry about the delay. Maybe I will surprise you with another one later this week as a bonus for being such a slacker. Posted by Picasa

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Mom2the5rs said...

So freaking funny! In case you blog readers don't know, I am the other mom that gets schmooozed into complying to their every whim! Reuben is my boy! He is a smarty pants...What a come back, Tina. Geesh! They are buddies through and through, that's for sure. Just imagine if we were neighbors?!?! Holy smokes!

Love you, Babe!