Thursday, March 30, 2006

Check me out....

I am doin' martial arts with my son! WOW! Ok, so here I am in my uniform, this was at our demo we did on 3/29. So, here is the story that led me to this momentous occassion. I have woked out on average 5 days a week for about 3+ years now. I was getting kind of bored with my at home workouts. But I remin faithful. I have been watching my son do martial arts for 5 years and I finally started rolling the idea around in my head to perhaps join up and get in a different kind of workout than what I am used to. So I did it! I signed up! Of course I cleared with Jordan first, I did not want to steal "his thing" if he wanted it to be his alone. But he is a generous kid and was more than happy to have me join him. Actually, I kind of think he likes it, he is a higher rank than me (by 2 belts) and he gets to correct me and teach me...pretty cool for him huh? We are in the same class as it only makes sense and his teacher is very flexible about us parents joining in. (We take this at our homeschool center) We go two days per week for one hour per session. It is a great workout and I am humbled by how much harder this is than I originally thought. I could never quite get why he was tired after class, but now the kids call me "brittle bones" because I have days where I am very sore after a day in class. Now to the downside, I am in a class of mostly boys, and a large majority are teenage boys. Do you have any idea how awkward it is for me to straddle a teenage boy? I feel I should write somebody an apology letter. Granted I am bending their arm into a knot when doing it, but heck, it's still just a bit weird. Not to mention the occassional punch that is aimed for the upper chest but they make a square connection with another part. Dang....I wonder if they just figure it is my flabby gut that they made contact with. Oh well. Nobody seems to need any therapy other than me, so things are fine I suppose. All righty then, that is plenty of information for you all. Now you know, I am in martial arts, so let that be a warning to ya!

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Mom2the5rs said...

You are terrific, talented, and very brave, braver than you think! (I got that from a Pooh Bear movie)

You go, girl! Fear be gone! Muscles be strong!